2wire Router Setup

Here is the simple guide for 2wire Router Setup. Unlike other routers 2Wire router also has configuration menu, which helps you to configure all of the operating settings of your router. Including wireless network settings and security.  You can access your 2Wire router’s configuration menu by using a Web browser, all you need is the router setup address.

Here is the List of Default Router Username and password

Steps For 2Wire Router Setup

Below is the simple and easy process for 2Wire Router setup. You can simply follow the process and get your 2Wire router setup.

  • Firstly you need to reset the router and connect it to the computer using a cable. You need to connect the computer table to 2wire Router’s WAN or Internet port.
  • Now Open Web browsers like Google Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer etc.
  • Then Configure your router settings using default ip 192.168.l.254
  • There You can see the “Username” and “Password” filed. There you need to enter the default router username admin/admin and the default password as admin/password
  • You are directed to 2Wire router configuration menu. There you should “Enable wireless interface”. There you can also change the username and password for more security.
  • Make sure the “Wireless Security” is enabled. Now Check the “Use Customer Wireless Security key” and enter the key which is less than 10 symbols.
  • Now Save all changes.

Now the 2wire Router Setup is done and you can access the internet easily. Now you can Access the router. with the given address bar of your web browser.