What is the Best Router Settings For Gaming?

Here are the few things you should consider when setting up a router for gaming:

#1 Buy an IEEE 802.11ac

You need to buy a IEEE 802.11ac router that supports 5GHz band, beamforming, MU-MIMO or SU-MIMO technology which inbuilt have HD stream feature in it. These technologies provide the best bandwidth, so that game renders at high speed when you go for online video gaming.

Configure the router using the IP address : 192 168 l 254

#2 Adjust the QoS feature

You need to adjust QoS feature. For Adjusting the QoS feature in your router gives the high priority to the video game console traffic or video traffic in general.

#3 Setting the position 

You need to set a Place for the router in the closed room where you have the video game console,so that bandwidth supports it. If you want to get the best speed, you need to use mimimum of 5GHz radio band in the router which provides Gigabits speed. So it is ideal to place the router in the room where the video console is plugged in.

Additional Tip : You can attach Ethernet cable to the router to the video game console.