How to Solve IP Address Conflict ?

IP Address Conflicts is Common erasing Problem. IP Conflicts raises When two or more computers are connected  With the Same LAN. In this Post, we will let you know the Possible and major reasons for IP Conflicts and Solve IP Address Conflict.

Access the Router settings using login

Why an IP conflict occurs :

One can Solve IP Address Conflict easily. If in case any two computers parallelly using same internet connection below are the some of the possible Reasons for IP Conflicts

  • Assigning the same static IP address for the two Systems system.
  • A system administrator is responsible to assign a static IP to a computer.
  • The same IP Assigned by DHCP server Within the Same LAN.
  • Some of the erratic operations of the DHCP server may reason for the same IP to Different terminals.
  • Internet Service Provide also a rare and possible reason for IP Conflict by Assigning the Same IP for two Computers.
  • When a computer hibernates or in standby mode, It is Possible to Assign the same IP when it re-activates.

Troubleshoot an IP address conflict in Windows :

When your System is in IP Conflict an Error may Appear Like ” Windows got detected a conflict in the IP address”. Now you can Solve this conflict easily by Following the below steps.

Renew IP address. You can opt to renew the IP address of the computer by following the below steps to Solve IP Address Conflict :

  • Press Windows Button+R to open Command Prompt.
  • Type ipconfig /renew and press the Enter button to go
  • As discussed  DHCP server Provides IP addresses which is unique and not used by Other Systems in the LAN.
  • Reconfigure static IP.
  • Change The IP Address manually and make sure That IP is not used by others.for
  • PING to continue to that IP Example: ping

Note: Just opt to let IP address be assigned dynamically by DHCP.  DHCP server will handle the will assign IP addresses which are free. Solve IP Address Conflict by using the Above process If you have Any doubts regarding to this post Feel free to comment below.