What is a Network Router?

Router :

A Network router is a device used to forward data packets between computer networks. Routers play the main role in order to connect to the internet for there Devices. For that, We need to gain access to the router by using the IP address. Not all the Routers use the Same IP address. is used to connect to various broadband routers. Home routers Come with as Default IP Address with private access. You can buy Routers on Ebay.com

A data packet is thoroughly forwards via Routers through the networks that Build internetwork until it reaches the destination node. Most of the Router uses as their default Ip address. Some Commonly Known Modems that use  are 2Wire, Billion, Linksys, Aztech, TP-Link, Motorola, ADSL.

Types of Routers :

At whatever point and at any need Routers world widely there are millions of users who use the modem, It accompanies default login id accreditations. In order to connect the Router, we need IP address. Some of the Routers Uses as default IP address. Its Impossible to connect the Router without having the default Ip address.

You can Configure the router by using the IP address : 192 168 l 254

There are different Types of Routers.Routers are known as Gateway of Networks. In the Past days, Wired Router is only Available to connect to the internet. Name It self-says These routers directly connected to the computer via Wire. One end of the connection port allows the router to connect to a modem and the other end to the Computer. The Port connected to the modem sends data packets and the port connected to the computer receives the Internet data packets. Example for the wired router is the Ethernet broadband router.

Every Router comes with Distinguish features and Speed. The major Noticeable difference is Speed. Routers are Available in Four types :

  • Wired Routers.
  • Wireless Routers.
  • Virtual Router.
  • Edge Router.

Within these Types, There are different Types of Routers or Modems varies in their speed and features. Instead of wire Wireless comes with Antenna and works effectively than wired Router and Featured with WAN . Nowadays Most of the people Using Wired and wireless network.